Severan Obeys an Order

Night was well and truly upon them by the time the three of them cleaned the last of the wolves' gore from their gear and themselves.  The twin bonfires were still burning brightly, keeping their chosen site well-lit and warm, and discouraging further predation, but Severan still insisted on taking the first of the night's three watches.

Anastasia ignored her insistence, informed her that there would be two watches, and that Severan would keep neither of them.

"You said you've already been set upon three times in Ashenport," she said firmly, plaiting her still-damp hair back out of her face. "Which says to me that it will behoove you to be well-rested when you return to the Guild Hall in the morning, and fully recovered from today's fight, in case you find yourself set upon yet again."

Severan opened her mouth to argue that the two of them needed rest, as well- they'd each killed three wolves to her one- but Thane cut her off with a grin and a friendly pat.

"Besides which, you'll be the one hauling all seven of these raw and horrifically smelly pelts back to town, since we can't be suspected of having helped you.  So do as the Captain bids you, little meat-shield, and rest up."

Severan glared at the older man, but she'd spent too long in the merc company not to recognize (and obey) sensible orders.

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