366 Days Later

One year ago today, I went Internet Public with my pregnancy.  Let's do a little comparison, shall we?

-he still hasn't worn the bib I embroidered for him.  I, uh, may need to remedy that in a near-future-photo-shoot...
-I'm definitely back to blogging.  Maybe not quite as timely as I'd hoped, but I am getting the sheer volume done, so go me.
-he was totally born earlier than the 12th, just like his witch-mother foretold
-he is still a boy
-we gave him a fantastic name (a wizard name), which was on the list, although I'm still just a teensy bit sad Nathan wouldn't let me name him Odysseus.  And he remains Neeps on the Internet.
-I still haven't blogged about Scotland.  Damn it.

It's weird to think back to being pregnant.  To tell the truth, I only sort of remember it- it's a blurry sort of time in my memory banks.  (Thanks for the mental protection, Mother Nature!)  Mostly I remember how that little bugger loved to dig his heel into the upper-right portion of my rib cage, right near my sternum.

And now he loves to lean onto whatever exposed flesh I have, zerbert it, and start laughing.  Much better.

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