Mrs. Coverlet

One of the things we did while staying at her house was go pawing through a storage closet.  And what should we find but a box that I'd filled up with Important Books From My Childhood!  And one of those Important Books was actually an Important Book From My Father's Childhood, or at least I assume it was, since it was from his parents' house that I liberated it as a much younger child.

The book, you ask?

Mrs. Coverlet's Magicians

I loved that book.  Loved it.  I mean, obviously, or I wouldn't have felt compelled to keep it for so many years for my eventual children to discover.  But I was always bothered by the fact that there were adventures referred to in that book, adventures that I wanted to read about, but couldn't, because this was the Days Before the Internet, and we had to just cross our fingers and hope every time we wandered into a library or book store.

Needless to say, since I didn't even know what the name of the First Book might have been, I never did have any luck tracking it down, and in time the urgency faded.

But when we pulled that slim volume out of that box at my mom's house, it was to a Bold New World where the Internet is fricking ubiquitous, and so my mom and I immediately hopped on Amazon and she ordered me my very own copy of While Mrs. Coverlet Was Away for the entirely reasonable price of $12.*

And today that book arrived:

Matched Set
I'm very much looking forward to settling down and seeing just what exact circumstances led to the Persever Children having spent the entire summer without adult supervision...

*(While we were hunting we also discovered that there's a third volume, Mrs. Coverlet's Detectives, but it runs like $50 and I'm not that nostalgic)

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