Old Friends: New Babies

I got together with an old friend today, primarily so we could admire one another's babies (but also so she could hand down some toys- woo hoo!).  There was a time (in Jr. High, to be specific) that she, my Katie, and I were inseparable.  And now all of us have the world's most beautiful children.  Apparently lots of Elfquest and elaborate story-telling in your youth leads to better looking children in your thirties.  Who knew?  (Get on that, Science.)

Mom made our ancestral food (schnitzel) for dinner, and Neeps loved it.  Obviously.  And after he was in bed the three of us (Mom, Nathan, and I) went out to watch the shooting stars extravaganza.

It was not what I'd call even a qualified success, since Mom was the champion Star Spotter with a grand total of two.  Stupid cloud cover.

Oh well, there's always next year!

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