First Flight

One week ago my son traveled by sea- today he traveled by sky.

All in all, I'd say he's off to a good start, as far as the life of an Adventurer goes.

Reach out and touch the sky
It's difficult to explain how I felt as today drew near- it's not so much that I was nervous about flying with an infant it as I was feeling like I should be nervous about it.  The media would have it that anyone flying with an infant is basically a martyr- that your baby will scream and people will hate you, but there will be that other faction who will tell the first faction to leave you alone, because you are Noble and Suffering and Human Too.

But I had a sneaking suspicion it was probably going to be Alright.  And, honestly, what the hell could I do about it, anyway?  Nothing.  So why stress?  Except that I felt like I should...

As it turns out Neeps was a pro, so stressing would have been a complete waste, anyway.  He nursed on all the take-offs and landings (except the one he slept through) and generally was just very smiley and charming towards everyone in both planes.

(I will admit, however, that at one point another baby started crying, and I couldn't help but do a tiny, internal fist-pump because not mine!) (But then I did my best to exude support for them.)

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