Joyce Summers Reconsidered

I started re-watching Buffy, and I find myself with a newfound sympathy for her mother, Joyce Summers.

She can't be more than 40 (ie a measly five years older than I am now), she's newly divorced and new in town, with no friends and nothing close to the funds she's used to having.  Her daughter has been indulged all of her 15 years, but now Joyce is determined to be an involved, present mother for the first time in her life, all in an attempt to keep her daughter out of the trouble that forced them to relocate in the first place (::coughcoughburningdowntheschoolgymcough::).  Obviously said daughter is not reacting well to this sudden-interest, but Joyce is trying so hard, reading books and learning to say "No".

That's... kind of a raw deal Joyce has going on there, regardless of her own contributions to the situation.  But having recognized her past mistakes, she never stops fighting for her child- and that's admirable as hell.

Here's to you, Mother of the Slayer.  You're far more bad-ass than teenage me ever realized.

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