Ready Set Go

It is 0730, and I am 100% ready to leave for work.

Of course, I don't actually need to leave for work for at least another fifteen minutes (and that's still giving me twice as much time as I need to actually get there).  Which means that all my careful planning-ahead and building-in-of-extra-time has paid off in my not being even remotely late.  Hell, I could even go back upstairs and put on some makeup, if I wasn't feeling pretty doubtful of it's chances of surviving the morning.

Whatever else happens today, at least I look fabulous, with my new shoes and shirt and cute necklace (thanks Mom!).  I held my breath as I pulled my work pants on this morning (bought last year right before I found out I was pregnant), because I hadn't had the nerve to try them on before The Day (the backup plan was a dress).  Fortunately they fit just fine, which was an encouraging little triumph to start the day off with.

0740.  Five more minutes.

I'm surprisingly less tearful than I'd envisioned.  But perhaps that's because I haven't actually parted from Neeps yet (he's coming with me to the office, where one of his excellent Aunties will pick him up for the day).  We'll see.

Today also happens to be Nathan's birthday, and a tiny part of me feels guilty that I haven't done anything special for him today.  Although I suppose transitioning the household back into dual-income isn't exactly nothing.

Maybe I'll pick up something special for dinner on my way home.

0744.  One more minute.

Which means I'd better wrap this up and put my coat on.

Cheers, you guys.  May it be one hell of a productive day.

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