Not Just a Case Study

I wrote a very little bit more.  And I'm tiiiiiired.


“From what I understand, my face goes totally blank when the twinsight is on me,” I said as kindly as possible.  She was fresh from the Academy, after all, and surely no more than six or seven years older than me.  “No expression whatsoever.  It’s probably mentioned somewhere in my file.”

“Oh,” her face flushed.  “I’m sorry, of course it is.  You must think I’m such a spaz!”

I smiled.  “No, just eager, and I can’t fault you for that.  We’re doing important work here, after all.”

“Aren’t we, though?”  Her eyes were shining as she continued, “I was so excited when they told me I’d be assisting Guide Loren for my residency.  He’s done such incredible work in the field of Savvy conditioning- oh, um,” she broke off, coloring again.

“It’s okay,” I said.  “Guide Loren helps me maximize my potential- I’m lucky to have him.”

“But happiness, tho!” Rosemary breathed.  “What an incredibly… well it just must be tricky to keep the conditions right for you, that’s all.”

I laughed.  “You’ll have to ask Guide Loren- but as he is so fond of reminding me, he is aided in his endeavors by my naturally sunny disposition.  Apparently it’s not hard to keep me happy.  And any time I feel my cheer slipping,” I teased, “I just think of poor Alan, and feel grateful that I don’t have to spend my life surrounded by the perfect shade of blue.”

“Oh, the pendulum!  Yes, that was a fascinating case-study.  I can’t believe Loren ever figured that one out.  It must have been maddening…” she trailed off.  “Anyway, sorry, I need to remember that you’re people, not case-studies.”

“That we are,” I said.  “And right now this non-case-study needs to get on to her class.  If you’ll excuse me?”

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