Day Two

I am so exhausted.

Another good day at the office (less time spent on email, that's for sure), another joyful reunion with my son at the end of the day.  Although I feel pretty sure he was giving me the cold shoulder at first, to teach me a lesson for "abandoning" him.  He'd smile and giggle for his Auntie D, then look at me with a deliberately aloof expression.  Little manipulator after my own heart.  Once we were home, however, he warmed back up (my secret weapon is "superbaby").  And needless to say, Daddy received no such reprimand.  Stinker.

Part of me is wondering how I'll ever manage to do anything "extra" any more.  Wake up, work out, work, family time, write (after putting the baby to bed), and then to my own bed at a ridiculously early hour in order to have the energy for the rest of it (admittedly there is about 20-30 minutes of leisure reading in bed before I go to sleep).  You'll notice there's nothing in there about cooking or cleaning, let alone socializing.  ::sigh::  I know I'll figure it out as I go, but it does seem a bit overwhelming at the moment.  Once again I am thankful for being in this situation where I'm easing back in to full-time, because while I'm building my "eight+ office hours a day and then other stuff" endurance back up, I have a few days off to tackle the rest of everything that is essential to living a comfortable life- grocery shopping and laundry, etc etc.

And now?  Now it's time to curl up with my husband for an hour or so of quiet bonding, before I head upstairs for bed.  Because even tho' I don't have work in the morning, I somehow doubt Neeps will see the point in sleeping in.

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