Cheese-As-Bread, and Other Quirks

Just FYI, you guys, this is how I eat sandwiches these days:
check out that thick slab of spinach
And yes, I'm eating at my desk, as I often do.  Not because I'm required to, but because that way I can use my actual break to take a nice, re-energizing walk.  It's a pretty non-negotiable part of my day, recently, because otherwise the Tiredness overwhelms me and I'm absolutely useless after 2pm.  And since I really hate being useless... walking it is!

The walk is good for me physically and mentally, obviously, but it's also good for my soul, because I typically use it to call my mom and have a random little chat about whatever happens to be on my mind (or hers).  It's like free therapy!

Therapy.  Huh.  That's actually how this little ritual started, come to think of it.  Back in the day, when I was so miserable in my job that I literally thought being hit by a car would be preferable to going to work, I'd taken to taking half hour walks at noon every day so I could (sometimes literally) scream and cry to my mother to get it all out of my system, and thereby be able to continue my brittle, professional facade for another few hours, before getting the hell out of there.

Stars, those were dark times.  Praise all be to The Captain, for rescuing me from the mire of work-apathy that I'd sunk in to, by giving me something worth being present for.  These days I love going to work, and that's in large part due to the company I keep.  He's got that ambition, baby, and he treats me as his business partner, and we are going places.  Awesome places.  You'll see.

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