On Birthdays and Elves

It was a very different sort of birthday, this year, in no small part because this is probably the first birthday I've ever devoted any time whatsoever to cleaning someone's poop off their clothes- let alone doing it twice.

One of the bright points of the day was taking a shower with Neeps (any day I get into water with my boy is a good day).  I was keeping up a steady stream of conversation with him, as I do, when I began to explain to him that today is my birthday, and that I am 35 years old.

"That means Mommy is..." I paused to do a bit of quick mental math, "...about 105 times your age.  Wow."

Now that I'm out of the shower and working not with rounded-numbers, I realize it's only like 93 times his age (oh what a difference two weeks can make!)  But even so, let's just put that into perspective, shall we?  I am to my son (in terms of Life Experience) what a 3267-year-old would be to me.

I repeat: wow.

(Also, I guess I can understand why elves and other immortal-type-creatures would roll their eyes at mayfly humans?  The idea of my infant son trying to dictate anything like justice or morality to me, on the basis of his life experience is... yeah.  Why do elves have anything to do with humans, again?)

But back to it being my birthday!

I spent the latter part of the day with Nathan and a pair of our friends, snacking upon copious amounts of food and playing a variety of highly entertaining games.  Tame times compared to birthdays past (::coughcoughpoledancingcough::), but good, especially with a bottle of specialty cider to call my own.

I'm looking forward to the coming year: I fully expect it to be the most interesting yet.  Now here's hoping that it manages to stay on the positive side of interesting, and gets me that much closer to understanding what it's like to be one of the star-people.

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