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Last night as I was laying in bed, I had a bit of an epiphany:

I don't have to frame things.

See, I had all this art I wanted to put on Neeps's wall, and I'd been doggedly looking for appropriately-sized (and priced) frames that could be hung on the wall (rather than just stood on a shelf) since before he was born.  And of course I'd having zero luck finding any.

But then I had my great Epiphany, and so today I busted out my roll of painter's tape and went to town.  And then I liked it so much that I went digging through my postcard/greeting card collection and found still more awesome art for my son's walls.  This is the result:
above the changing station
Bonus?  No holes in the wall!  (well, except for where I hung the two canvases)

Next I'll work on the "dragon corner", which will be home to his very fine Targaryen print (which I actually do want to frame, since it's not on cardstock like everything I put up today) and a lovely little watercolor that Nathan did for me back in college (already framed, since it's a standard size).  And I may put the firebird in that corner, too (again- it needs to be framed to protect it, but I'm actually willing to pay to have that one professionally done, if need be).

If I continue at this rate, Neeps's room may actually be the first "totally finished" room in our house.  That we've lived in for near five years.  Don't judge.

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