Tiny Monster

Today was a pretty lazy day.  The guys spent most of it watching football...

(so did the dogs)
...whilst Chelsea and I wandered in and out, and out and in, and ran errands and jabbered and played with Eaglet and planted bulbs in the most resentful way possible (we are neither one of us what one might call 'natural gardeners', and thus tend to think many of the requirements are more like suggestions we can just ignore).  All in all a nice, domestic sort of day.

The highlight was actually in the morning, when Eaglet and I had a pajama dance party in the living room.  That boy likes to shake it, shake it, that's for sure!  But so do I, so that worked out well.

And then there was an additional highlight when a package from my mom arrived, full of exciting things, but none so exciting as Eaglet's new slippers:
Perfect for Rampaging

Much delight was taken in knocking over block towers, I tell you what.

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