The Dream

Unbelievably gorgeous day at Smith, and here is my proof:
taken from the top of a 5.8

The wind was super strong, tho'- so strong that at certain parts of the climb I had to just cling to the rock and wait for it to die down.  It made me glad I only led the one route, that's for sure (what with the insanely busy schedule of the past five months I haven't been climbing much- and it shows in my rusty skill-set).

Anyway, as gorgeous as it was, it was also a frickin' circus.  Way, way too many people to deal with.  We climbed until about 3pm, and then packed up our stuff and headed for Wolf Rock.  Well, technically we headed for a camp site about 45 minutes from Wolf Rock, which we'll be tackling tomorrow.  Woo!

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