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We're back on the road again today:
Taking off before the sun comes up!  Sorry loved ones!

 and we spent much of the morning drinking in the beauty of western Idaho.

pretty impressive
Looking over Lewiston
Looking over Nathan looking over Lewiston
 The nice thing is that we actually had a destination in mind: Nathan did some research over the weekend, and decided that we needed to check out Wallowa Lake State Park.  If it was everything he thought it would be, he could see us doing many trips out this way.

(spoiler alert: we're going to be making many trips out this way)

We got her early enough to set up camp and get dinner at a great little place in the nearly-unbelievably-charming town of Joseph.  We chose Ember's because there were three dogs hanging out with their people on the deck, but as it turned out the food was every bit as enticing as the hospitality.  My burger was possibly bigger than my face.  And delicious.  And people cooed over Isis, so obviously this town is amazing and full of intelligent, discerning individuals.

Also it basically looks like the Bavarian Alps around here.  It's insane.  Words don't do it justice.  Neither does my iPhone.

After dinner we headed back over to the lake so Nathan could attempt some sunset photos...
that guy
...while Isis and I explored the shoreline.

The sunset was a bit sulky about things, so we ended up heading back to the camp with enough light to let us get the fire started without using headlamps.  And, as it turns out, the fire-making lessons my brother gave us really work, so we had a roaring fire in no time flat, swiftly followed by roasted marshmallows because why else do you go camping?

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