Autumn's Gifts

After yesterday's lounging, I was adamant that we get out and Do Something today: in specific I wanted to Do Something Iconic, which translated to going and picking apples.  So in the afternoon we headed out to Walter's Fruit Ranch,to pick apples.
By which I mean, obviously, EAT apples.
The part of the orchard we wandered about in had braeburn (pretty good), red delicious (better than in the stores, that's for sure) and golden delicious (my favorite as a kid, and these reminded me why).

I call these Snow White apples.
So we ate more apples than perhaps strictly advisable (Isis included), and then filled up Chelsea's purse with a few more and headed back to sort of carnival that was going on.

As it turns out, lots of things were going on, including baby bouncing:

Look at how completely calm and collected Eaglet is.  We'd been a little skeptical about him enjoying this one, since he'd protested the pony-ride at a mighty volume, but as it turns out the pony ride was just too tame for his bad self.  Damn, bitches.  Lesson learned.

Also going on was some sort of corn cannon thing:
for fighting off the pumpkin invasion?

Turns out good marksmanship isn't much help when your projectiles are so variable.
Sadly my brother did not win us $100.  But we felt pretty well rewarded, regardless.
still nomming his apple

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