Like a Boy Scout

It is a well known fact that Lists help the Jenny O feel Calm and In Control (regardless of the actual situation).
mmm, crossing things off...
Today is the first day of our vacation, and it's a good thing we'd already decided that this was going to be a very unstructured vacation, because so far very little has going according to our (very loosely defined) plan.  The car is in the shop (and has been there since 0730 on Monday morning), several of the roads we wanted to use are closed for repair, and other roads that are open simply aren't designed for our little commuter car.


We're using today to very calmly clean the house and meticulously pack the car (or, rather, meticulously pile things onto the table to be shuffled into the car in the morning) and try to replan where the hell we're going and what the hell we're doing (other than camping).

One thing's for sure- we'll be together, so it will be fun.

(Or I'll know the reason why.)

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