Coeur D'Alene

Today's Grand Adventure was venturing into Coeur D'Alene, about which I have heard many wonderful things but had never actually been to.  Which, when you consider I've never actually been to Idaho (driving through at top speeds on a 3000 mile road trip doesn't really count), makes sense.

Anyway, now I've been- and it was lovely!

Nathan, Chelsea, Eaglet and I all went together, and our first mission was to find some delicious lunch, which we did at a little place called Cafe Carambola.  Seriously you guys- if you are in CdA, you need to eat there.  Holy cats, everything was so amazing.  Plus the workers were super sweet.

Anyway, after that we headed down to the charming downtown area, strolling in and out of shops and investigating such important cultural touchstones as Mrs. Honeypeep's.
Then we headed over to a magnificent playground*, which included a small-children's playing area that kept Eaglet engaged for approximately negative three seconds before he went tearing off for the Real Deal, his Auntie Jenny O scurrying behind him.

Kid has good climbing instincts, that's all I'm saying,

So an excellent time was had by the two of us (and Nathan and Chelsea seemed entertained by our antics), but eventually we abandoned the playground to do a hike around Tubbs Hill.  Chelsea carried Eaglet for a while, but eventually gave in to my begging to let me take him.  He was a pretty good passenger, but I was reminded of why one has to build up to carrying a 30 pound pack for miles on end... (and by miles on end I totally mean only two miles.  If that.)

There were some excellent views on that little hike, but unfortunately my little iPhone was not equipped to handle the high contrast, so you don't get to see any of my shots.  Maybe I'll come back and add some of Nathan's, once they're processed...

*oh my goodness watch the first video on this page it's so great!

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