The Consequences of Chicken TV

One of the afternoons at Lara's house, Neeps and I went outside to pass the time playing in sweet-shaded clover, and watching "chicken tv".
Reality entertainment at its finest

Neeps was absolutely fascinated by the plump little birds, but I didn't realize just how enamored he must have been until this evening, when he revealed that he has added soft little "bok bok"s to his vocabulary.  My darling little naturalist.

I, of course, started making the sounds back at him, which filled him with absolute delight.  And then I added a loud, "BKOK!" to the end, and he just freaking lost it.  Gales of shrieking baby laughter, like to the point where he was gasping for breath.  I've never felt like a more clever comedienne in my life.

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