A Hike (Ish)

We had decided to hike up to Elk Lake today for our in-by-the-skin-of-our-teeth Monthly Hike, but the Universe had other plans for us.  Which is to say, the Universe decided to make it hot and miserable- so hot and miserable that while we probably could have handled the 4-mile-round-trip-trek (because swimming at the turn-around!), the dogs began to show signs of being dangerously overheated just one mile in.  And so we did the Adult thing and turned back for the car.

Even so, it was a lovely little hike, and I figure two miles is plenty to count, especially in those conditions.  I'd borrowed a hat from Lara, and I was damned glad I did, because Neeps has entered a "rip Mommy's hair out while riding in style" habit that I do not approve of, but am helpless to do anything about.  (Part of me wants to shave half my head.  And it's not exactly a small part.)  But with a hat I was able to hide the temptation from his grabby little hands.
Bonus: looking fly as hell

Because I'd been carrying Neeps in that hellish heat, my shirt was absolutely sodden, and thus I turned it into a purple wind sock on our drive back out of the wilderness.  I was mighty tempted to add my bra to the display, but managed to resist.  Mostly because, if it hadn't actually dried by the time we got back into town, I didn't want to put it back on still damp.  The horror.

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