Severan Prays for Guidance

It can be inconvenient when your deity disagrees with your decision.

I'm leaving this town as soon as I resupply, Severan thought irritably as she knelt in the small ash grove, doing her best to ignore the drunken Drow staring curiously at her.  There's no place for me here.  It's full of thieves and bullies and- and drunkards and what is that wizard doing topside, anyway?  She pushed the thought- all of the thoughts- from her mind.  She needed to pray, to get the the taste of the so-called "Adventurer's Guild" out of her mouth: it didn't matter why the dark elf was wandering.  Severan herself had been- well, not wandering, for she'd been following the star- but she'd been traveling for over three months, and was certainly far from her own home.  And how here she was in the port of Ashmount, and suddenly the pull had vanished.  She needed guidance.  She needed reassurance.  She needed her goddess.

Severan inhaled deeply, then exhaled all of her discomfort and frustration.  Breathed in the silence of the trees, breathed out all distraction.  Focused her consciousness on keeping the breathing pattern, and left the rest of her mind open to Sh'lan's will.

It came fast- far faster than it ever had before, and with far less ambiguity, pouring over her like a waterfall.

This is where she was meant to be.

Severan felt a pit in her stomach.

Surely not.  Stay here?  I all but laughed in the most powerful man in town's face when he offered me a place with his filthy little 'organization'!

But the surety remained, and with it the knowledge that she must return to the Guild.

Are you certain? Severan asked, but of course there was no response.  She sighed heavily, and stood, rubbing the scar on her face ruefully.

"That's it?  No... lights or birds or anything?" said the Drow, clearly surprised.

"That's it," she said.  "If you'll excuse me, I have something I must attend to."

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  1. Deities are like that. So, is service. The life of a paladin isn't an easy one, is it? So little time for what you want.