(I recently had to scramble to create a true-neutral human character.  This is the hastily-sketched background that resulted.)

Frella was born to a jaguar.

Well, technically she was born to a human woman, by the name of Firsha.  But Firsha, like her wandering mate, was a druid.  And Firsha, like her mother before her, preferred to spend most of her time in animal form.  And the form Firsha liked best was that of the jaguar (unlike Firsha's mother, who lived far away in the frozen north and found an ice tiger to be much more comfortable).  So unless something require speech or thumbs, Firsha was found in jaguar form, her young, not-able-to-shift-yet daughter clinging happily to her back.  If Firsha's wandering mate wandered into her territory, the three of them might spend as much as a moon cycle in human form, so they could speak words of love and affection in the common language of their people.  Frella loved those times her father visited, loved to bury her face in the stiff black feathers of his preferred harpy eagle form, loved to listen to his stories from far-flung places.  Too, Frella loved the moonlit gatherings with other druids, a chance to exchange knowledge and wisdom and best of all, still more stories.

As Frella grew older, and began to come into her own abilities, she also began to realize that while she loved the animals of her jungle home, and reveled in the power their forms brought her, she was not like her mother, or her mother's mother: she wanted to walk the world in human form, at least for a while.

And so she did.

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