Where and What(x3)

Where would you choose to be exiled?  What three essentials items would you take with you?

I'm assuming, of course, that I cannot leave wherever it is I've been exiled to.  I'm also assuming that all of my loved ones and essential files get to come with me, or else this game is just boring as hell for a pragmatic person like me.  So now that's out of the way...

No, wait- where am I being exiled from?  The city?  The country?  The universe?  Because that affects it a bit.  If I'm being exiled from the city I'll just head out to the coast.  If I'm being exiled from the country, then I'd say it's Ireland calling my name.  The universe?  Well call me a cheater-pants, but I choose a parallel universe where everything is exactly the same, except I'm ludicrously wealthy.

As for the three essentials that I'm bringing with me from home, that's actually not so hard.  I have an old box of letters that I'd bring, and an old box of photos.  But the third slot... what else won't they have in Ireland, that can only come from my home?  Wait, do I get to bring what I'm wearing?  Or do I  have to leave that behind, as well?  Because if I have to leave what I'm wearing behind, then the third thing is my great-grandmother's bracelet.  But if I get to hop on that flight (or whatever) wearing what I'm wearing, then I guess my third thing would be my guitar.  Because I'll probably have plenty of time to finally really learn to play, once I'm in exile.

...wait, I still have access to my accounts, right?

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  1. This might be the cushiest exile in history. I'm a traditionalist it seems. When I picture exile I apply two assumptions to it. First, that it is a punishment rather than a neat adventure. Second, that it is a lonely affair. No civilization. No people. Just me and my Wilson volley ball... or something along those lines. Otherwise it doesn't fit assumption one. All of which is more insight into my brain rather than a critique of yours. Apparently it's a lot nicer and more positive in yours. Good for you.