Soggy Bottom Boy

We went to a very special Going Away party today, which featured a kiddie pool for the half-dozen (plus!) kiddies rolling around.  I was so excited for Neeps's first experience with that- he's recently discovered the joy of splashing, and bath time is super awesome fun for both of us.  Needless to say, I was certain he'd be delighted by the novelty of being outside in the water via the kiddie pool.

Oh it is to laugh.

I plopped him down in his little cotton diaper in the pool, and he immediately let out an indignant squawk, followed by a bit of grousing.  I was stunned- this is my little aquatic dragon: he loves the water!  What was the problem?  I scooped a little up in one of the tiny cups and poured it on him, and he continued his protesting.  So I splashed his little hands in it, and suddenly realized-

Holy crap, this water is cold.  And he has literally never been in cold water before.  Not even luke-warm.  No wonder he's objecting!

He did eventually adapt, however, and was happily engaged swishing things back and forth until I removed him due to incipient pruney-ness.  Then we just hung out on a towel while I drank cider and chatted with grownups, and he ate grass and played with cups, which made me realize... we need some bath cups.
Boy stole my hat.


  1. Bathcups: Ikea. Fantastic little stackers we got there! I'll grab some for you the next time I'm there!
    Also, so pleased you came to our special going away party!

    1. Oh Ikea, is there anything you CAN'T provide?