Doing It However

My mom's back in town (hooray!) and tonight we had a ladies' bonding night with my aunt.  And what did we choose to do?  Drink wine and paint stuff, naturally!

I've been to a variety of these "sip and stroke"/"paint and pour"/"drink and dab" things over the years, and although I do have some issues with them, by and large I enjoy the hell out of them (even if it takes all of my willpower not to break my canvas over the "instructor's" head) (okay that was only once)(but seriously: willpower.).  Obviously I have the unfair advantage of having already been trained in the fine art of painting (hah!) but I would say my advantage lies not so much in skill as in attitude- I'm not afraid of "doing it wrong", because I know that you literally cannot "do it wrong" as long as you like what you do.  And you have a better chance of liking what you do when you let go of the whole "doing it right" thing.

I say that somewhat flippantly, but I do recognize it's not as easy as deciding not to care.  Which is why the wine helps.  I feel like maybe they should put more emphasis on the drinking, well before the class actually starts.  If I was ever going to run one of these, I'd probably do it with hard liquor... "bourbon and brushes"!
The sad remnants of our cheese plate.

Literally my favorite part of my painting. (I was maybe driving the instructor a little crazy with my extremely liberal application of paint and general lack of caring about the lines she'd drawn)

My finished product!  Transparent petals be damned!

We want more wine.  And ice cream.  Please and thank you.

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