Pre-Funking Father's Day

I've been skirting the edges of Depression, lately, so last night my Very Wise Husband informed me that we'd be going for a hike today.

And we did.
Early on, while it was still sunny and hot.
We had some pretty classic Washington State Summer Weather for the hike, ranging from too-hot-for-what-we-were-wearing to too-cold-for-what-we-were-wearing, with some rain for good measure.  We adapted mostly by slowing down or speeding up accordingly.
The view from the first viewpoint.
The nice thing is that we managed to stay right on the edge of the storm, so Neeps didn't get too wet.  And Nathan got some really nice photos out of it.
That guy.
Look at that rain edge waaaaay back there, right on Beacon Rock.
Needless to say, I am refreshed body and soul (well, slightly sore in body from shlepping a near-20-lb kid on my back for 5+ miles.)(I need to get out more.) and my husband is rightfully Smug.

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