Nathan and I cooked for his clan this evening, which necessitated a run to the grocery store.  Quail, full of seven-year-old dignity, asked if she could accompany us, and after getting permission from her parents we let her.

We ended up stopping at the bookstore on the way home (because I wanted my own copy of Havah but alas- they didn't have it in stock) and while we were there Quail helpfully pointed out to me a "really cool" My Little Pony coloring book.  So I asked her to help me find a couple of other "really cool" coloring books that Toad and Grasshopper might like, and then I bought the lot of 'em, because I'm a grownup and I'll let myself be manipulated if I feel like it.

Anyway, said purchases led to a discussion about super hero costumes, and eventually to pony-design (and I was lectured on what a "cutie mark" is, and how they are obtained).  One thing led to another, and this, then, was the result:
Starshield for Toad and Page Turner for Quail (Grasshopper is too young to care)

One thing I found interesting about this was that although Quail professed to like Rainbow Dash the best (she is the one I wanted to like the best because she's such an obvious tomboy, but really I just find her to be an obnoxious brat), her colors-of-preference were based on Fluttershy (I feel protective towards Fluttershy- she reminds me of one of my best friends, which is to say nothing at all like me, but definitely sweet and worthy of protecting) (which makes me wonder if maybe the reason I think Rainbow Dash is such a brat is because she is the manifestation of my less-than-wonderful qualities...)  (Oh stars help me I have opinions AND THOUGHTS about MLP.)

PS why yes I did draw those in pen and then color them with Nathan's old stash of prismacolors...

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