Dressing Up Like Me

Lara and I had plans for today- plans that involved crafting.  But first we needed to buy some containers, so we went down to the relatively-nearby outlet mall and... did not buy containers.  Although we did spend like four hours there.  As I said at one point,

"You know, for a couple of girls who don't really like to shop, we sure are doing a lot of it!"

It started innocently enough- there were several outdoor clothing stores, and Nathan needed a new coat, so I went looking for one. And found it.  And then one store led to the next and somehow I ended up buying new work clothes for me... not to mention candles!  Ack, it was insane...

But what makes me so happy about my little spending spree (and believe me- me spending money on stuff like clothing is such a rarity that Nathan actually encourages me to go do it) is that I finally have a few outfits to wear to work that make me feel like me.  For the past ten years, whenever I've had to buy work clothes I've said to myself, "What would [insert friend-with-office-job's-name here] wear?" and based my purchases upon whatever answers my brain answered.  Now, this method has served me well for a decade, but it has also resulted in me feeling like not-me while wearing work clothes, which in turn leads to resentment and sullenness.

But now, gentle readers, there is this outfit:
I always feel better in my knee-high doc martens.

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