A Dude... That Looks Like a Dude!

Drawing a horse yesterday was a humbling experience (it always is), so today I thought I'd do another drawing-of-something-I-have-difficulties-with.  Yeah, that's right: I once again tried my hand at a masculine- male.  This time, however, I believe I have had more success:
Smirky McSmirkson.  Pleased to meet you.
I will straight up admit that I started by staring at Robert Pattinson's manly jaw, not so much because I enjoy staring at his face, but because I was cracking up over this, which led me to this.  And I- I fell a little bit for Robert, you guys.  I really, really did.  Plus some of his mannerisms remind me of a friend of mine, which is always going to make me feel warm and fuzzy towards you, regardless of how incongruous...

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