The Muse Focus

It's Offically November, and you know what that means-


My goal for today was to churn out 5000 words (which I did).  I hope to get another 3-5k tomorrow.  For some reason I'm feeling the urge to really front-load my word count this year.

Anyway, I sat at the table and wrote, and as I did so I kept this close by my side:

My mother gave it to me years ago: technically it's just a glass fishing float, but I call it my Muse Focus.  That is to say, a Focus for Summoning my Muse.  I have a few items that work for this, depending on what I'm doing (one is a pretty sweet gun belt that belonged to my father), and I think that if they are honest, most authors have something or other that works for them in a similar manner, be it a favorite pen or a certain photo or a pretty rock.  We writers are creatures of superstition and habit: of course we surround ourselves with talismans.

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