Return to Normal

The rains are back.
(thank heavens)
I'm having a very hard time feeling motivated right now.  I'm less than 5k away from hitting my NaNo goal of 50k words in 30 days, which technically I ought to be able to knock out this weekend, but the reality is that I'm feeling sulky and in need of a break.  But my other (personal) goal for NaNo was not to skip a single day of writing, sooo... sulkiness can suck it, I suppose.  Even if it's only 500 words, I need to churn it out.


Stupid discipline.

Speaking of which, I've been feeling like such utter crap lately, and today I was reading paleo success stories and realizing that I just need to get back to eating clean.  I feel so much better.  I look so much better.  Life is better when I'm not being lazy.  But not-being-lazy is so much harder than being lazy.  Whiiiiiiiiiiiine.

 Okay, enough of that.  Time to knuckle down and craft words.  500, at least.  2000 for the ideal.  Go O, Go!

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