Where You Went (20 Years)

This is not the photo I had planned for today.

Originally I thought of the title (which I did use) and decided that I would take a photo of the night sky.  And of course, as we all know, nothing would show up, because iPhones are only so powerful.  And I would post that picture of empty black, and it would be this whole commentary on how you can know something is there even if you can't see it.  Even if there's no evidence of it.  Even if it looks like nothing at all.

But then I started snapping, and it was just too bleak.  Because sometimes it doesn't matter what the truth is: sometimes we have to craft a prettier story or lose ourselves.  Even if we have to take the truth and flip it and twist it and invert it until it comes close to being something we can live with.  There can be truth within lies.  And some lies are truer than truth.

Because it doesn't hurt anyone, to pretend there is one star out there, shining so brightly that it overcomes all the limitations of our current understanding.

It doesn't hurt anyone, to knowingly build a better truth.

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