Needle Nap

I started getting acupuncture in the first half of 2013, to help with my fertility issues.  I was somewhat skeptical about the whole thing, but studies have shown that it helps with conception, so I figured I'd at least give it a shot.  Better than drugs, I figured.

When I got there, Tracy told me to tell me every little thing that was wrong with me: she'd find something that my insurance covered, and do the rest of it while we were at it.  So I rattled a bunch of stuff off, and... she started fixing it.

For real.

And then I was pregnant within the first six weeks, and I became A Believer.

For menstruation and fertility issues, anyway.  I didn't really think much beyond that until about six or seven months ago, when I was complaining to her (in a casual way) about a pain I had beneath my right scapula, and how I had gone to a masseuse but it hadn't worked, so I was going to try a chiropractor.  She sort of snorted and said, "I'll fix that.  Chiropractor indeed."

Sure you will, I thought, inner eyes rolling because this truly felt like a mechanical problem to me, and what can needles do for mechanics?  But hell, I was paying for a session, anyway- might as well let her throw a few more of the little buggers in.

The next day I realized that the pain was just... gone.  I could still feel that there was something not-right about my shoulder, but there just wasn't any pain.  And because it didn't hurt, I was finally able to start relaxing and then... well, yeah, you guessed it- it got fixed.

I think that's when I started to become A True Believer, but I didn't fully commit to that status until today, when I was laying on the table, and I stretched out and felt the old pain in my left shoulder (super old surfing injury, plagued me for years).  I thought about that injury, and how nothing has ever helped it, and I'd sort of accepted that it was just part of my body now, and then I found myself saying, "Hey Tracy..."
We'll see

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