A Sour One in Every Bunch

One by one the weeks fall off the calendar, and with them go the various events that I have gotten myself entangled in.  All of these events have been/will be fun and wonderful, but I'd be lying if I said that they weren't also stressful.  Today was the fifth of seven weekends in a row that have been Booked with a capital B, and I am feeling so much lighter now that I am more than halfway through the gauntlet.

Today's event was particularly stressful because it was a work outing that I had a major hand in planning.  I was very, very nervous about whether or not people would have a good time- after all, it was supposed to be a reward for the best performers in the region!
We did a tasting and tour at Willamette Valley Vineyards, Tualitin Estate, and it was just lovely.  The wines were fabulous (Nathan and I ended up buying three different bottles: a muscat, a riesling, and a gew├╝rztraminer) and the day was perfect for sitting around sipping and chatting and playing a few lawn games.  I relaxed pretty quickly, as it soon became evident that people were having a good time.

Well, most people.

There was one person who... I think came for the sole purpose of not having a good time?  I guess?  This person was actually part of the reason I was so nervous leading up to the event, because they'd sort of been poo-poohing all my ideas and efforts.  Seeing them in the context of all the other people, however, who were laughing and having a great time, I suddenly realized that I genuinely don't give a fig if they think it wasn't "good": the only reason they were having a "bad time" is because that's what they decided to have before they even showed up.

So there.

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