At the End of the Night

Tonight was the Murder Myth-tery party, and I think it went pretty well, although I didn't realize just how bloodthirsty our circle of friends is!  Literally over half the party was murdered within the first half hour.  Anyway I had fun, and I think other people had fun, and most importantly of all I believe my Katie had fun, so win-win-win all around.  ^_^

I'd meant to take pictures of everyone in their wonderful costumes (and some people really went all out- it was fantastic) but I got so caught up in being A Good Hostess that I didn't get a single shot!  Boo!  So instead you get a picture that shows how much hard liquor we went through (never mind the beer and hard cider and wine...):
(pretty much four people demolished that bottle of bourbon)

The funny thing about this party is that it started at five, and the very last stragglers (who, come to think of it, were the first four here at five!) left sometime after ten, and I was all, "Man, people stayed so late!" in my pleased-mental-voice, but then I had to laugh at myself because, really?  We've reached the age where hanging at a party until ten on a Saturday night is a late night?  I think back on parties past that literally didn't start until 10pm, and I just smile at the college-kids we were and the adult-kids we've become.

Of course, I'll be in pretty good shape for my 0900 CPR/First-Aid re-certification in the morning, so hey... that's better than being sick with a hangover, right?  Sure it is!

(hat tip to Adam for enabling all our grownup shenanigans!)

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  1. 5 til 10 or 10 til 3, 5 hours is 5 hours ... <3
    Anonymous Mom