All the Roads Long Ago

I was talking with a friend of mine recently and revealed that I happen to be a Fancier of Unicorns.  I actually didn't realize I was revealing the fact- I thought it was something about me That Was Known, but from the surprise she expressed apparently It Was Not.

Anyway, not only am I a Fancier of Unicorns, I even have myself a little collection:
as many as there are believing hearts in the world

Much smaller (and, frankly, better curated) than the collection I had as a child, but hey- one can only haul so many tchotchkes repeatedly back and forth across the continent, eh?


  1. Is that a hint that there needs be a new addition?
    Anonymous Mom

    1. Always keeping in mind, of course, that I do unicorns like you do dragons- none of that cutesy crap! ;)

    2. ...well, okay... maybe a LITTLE cutesy...