Boozeday Tuesday and the Natural Science Field Trip

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means!

Rosé from a plastic cup, ya'll.  Classy!

With my ladies!
My Katie was there, too, artfully dodging the camera.

And one gentleman!

Blue lookin' dapper in Green!
We took a field trip down to Portland to watch the swifts, which was pretty dang cool. I'd never even heard of it, but Melanie suggested it and we all thought it sounded like fun, and it totally was.  Aided, naturally, by junk food and booze... (my thermos definitely had hot cocoa made with heavy cream, sweetened with honey, and spiced with cardamon.  Plus, you know... vodka...)

Aaaaaanyway, the end result is that yet again I can't really choose between two of my photos as the official "photo of the day", so you get both:
Our Inverted Stars

Swift Descent

(...see what I did there? Didja?  Didja?)

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