Scratching an Itch

Every once in a while I get hit with Cravings: capital C, all italics Cravings.  Often it's for something I can't have because of the gluten content (Velveeta shells and cheese, oh dear stars...), but sometimes it's for something I shouldn't have, because of the cane sugar.  Earlier this week I had a craving of the latter sort, for a lemon meringue pie (going on the assumption that I had a GF crust, obviously).

Of course the truth behind my lemon meringue craving was actually a craving for the lemon curd.  I've always been sort of "meh" about pie crust, and have a similar disinterest in meringue, so really I was just jonesin' for some tart, tart curd.  And I thought to myself, "Surely I can make that without cane sugar.  Curd is basically custard, right**?  And I've made plenty of honey-sweetened custards..."

So I decided I would make myself some lemony goodness, just for me (because Nathan doesn't like tart/sour the way that I do), and it was the knowledge that I would be making it this afternoon which kept me from giving in to cheesecake cravings this morning (went with some friends to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate them finishing up their events in the Spring Showdown).

I decided to start with this recipe, and of course make my own modifications (as I am wont to do).

the juice from two large lemons (apx 1/2 c.)
3 medium eggs (farm fresh- thanks Bekah!)
1/2 c. raw honey (local and delicious!)
1/4 c unsalted butter (room temp and cubed)
the zest from three large lemons (apx 3 Tbsp)


lemon zester
sharp knife
cutting board
lemon juicer (I have one like this and I love it.  Best $5 ever.)
measuring cups
immersion mixer  (it is seriously one of my all-time favorite kitchen tools, you guys)
medium metal bowl
large pot of boiling water
oven mitt

First I zested the lemons, and then I juiced those suckers.  I put the eggs in a medium metal bowl and beat 'em using my lovely  immersion mixer on level one, then added the honey and slowly poured in the juice while mixing.  Then the butter and zest went in, and I kept on mixing until it was 'good enough' (kind of chunky, but since it was about to go over heat I wasn't worried).

Moved the metal bowl to the boiling water, and clamped on with one hand while whisking like a fiend with the other.

I kept whisking until it thickened, and then I whisked it a little longer because I like a good thick custard.  I mean curd.

And then came the hardest part- letting it cool in the fridge for two hours.  But eventually it was ready for taste-testing:
Sometimes we have to make our own spring sunshine in the PNW.
Sour Girl
And it perfectly satisfied the craving I'd been having.  Huzzay!  The best thing is that I wasn't able to eat more than about five spoonfuls, so I'll have plenty to enjoy throughout the week, whenever I feel in need of a tart treat.

**(sort of...)

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