Four-get Me Nots

Four Years and Counting:

Awkward Hands!

Year four is flowers/fruit, so Nathan got me vintage, floral-themed jewelry, including a frosted-glass necklace, an amber bracelet with silver forget-me-not embellishments, and an amber brooch with petals caught in the stone (technically that gift hasn't arrived yet- it's coming from France- but he showed me a photo).  I got him a photographer's membership to the Japanese Garden in Portland, which we plan to take advantage of later this weekend (and also throughout the rest of the year).  I felt it was a particularly fitting gift, what with us having had our wedding in the Birmingham Japanese Garden, and all...

I don't really have anything super-insightful to say this year, other than I just really enjoy the hell out of being married to my husband.  We constantly crack one another up, and I love that.


  1. Congratulations y'all! How about a pineapple, mango, guava, pomgranate fruity smoothie on me?