She Seeks the Pattern in All Things

It's a good day, as Sundays often are.
Good Morning.

Nathan heads off to church while I am still making up my mind about my feelings towards Daylight Savings, but once I get up, I get going, and where I get going is on a bike ride to the climbing gym.  It's one of those mornings where the rain is thinking about what it wants to do with the rest of its day, but for the time being it's happy enough to have given the sun and sky a freshening lick-and-a-promise.

The gym is wonderful, as it always is- my home-away-from-home, filled with strangers who are more than willing to be friends, and puzzles that twist my mind and body into new and satisfying shapes.  Afterwards I pedal home again, contemplating an afternoon of laundry and baking and writing oh my!

I accomplish all of those things, as well as some seriously high-quality time with my husband, whom I subsequently send out to purchase our birthday-gift-to-ourselves: a new grill.  He will spend the darkening hours putting it together, and I will spend them however I choose.

A very good day, indeed.

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