It was a really good day today.  I got to sleep in, then spent the rest of the morning cleaning the guest room in anticipation of tomorrow's visitors.  Once Nathan got back from church the two of us took Isis out to the farmer's market, where we got lunch and I saw an amazing variety of tulips.

Exhibit A
I literally did nothing to process that photo.  Just took it and posted it.  In fact I almost reduced the vibrancy, because damn.  In the end, however, I decided to leave it as is... I love the tiny little rain drops on the blazing orange petals...

Although I do enjoy the market this early in the season, I can't help but look forward to when there will be more delicious produce for the purchasing.  Especially cherries.  Oh man, bring on the cherry season for sure!

Later in the afternoon I pedaled over to the library to pick up a book, then headed over to the rock gym to introduce some lady friends to the wonderful world of climbing.  As much as I love my climbing bros, there is something really great about the energy that women bring to the sport.  I'm very hopeful that all of them will keep pursuing it, and I'll get more belay-partners out of the whole thing... afterwards we all went out and had a drink together, which was great good fun and I can't wait to take Nathan to that bar because the bartender had a generous pour.

(Not that I'm trying to get my husband drunk, or anything.)

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