Making It

Dearest Readers, if there ever comes a day in your lives in which you are so lucky as to have someone love you enough to gift you with a tiny, taxidermied teacup duckling, then from that day forward, my friends, you may rest assured that you have, in fact, Made It.
Today was the day I Made It
I've definitely been stretching out the ol' birthday this year.  It's still a couple days off, but I've had day after day of joyful celebration this past week, and I plan to continue it right on into the next.  Today's Happy Events included my boss taking me out to lunch (gluten-free pizza for the freaking win), and of course the delightful, downright ducky surprise that Kara had waiting for me at Boozeday Tuesday.

Really I'm not sure how my actual birthday is even going to compare with this adorable manifestation.  But I aim to find out.

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