Birthday Cake

Today was just about as perfect a day as a day can be.

Chris and Lara came up last night, so they were there this morning when I got up, and I made us all a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as cooking breakfast for people who have stayed the night.

Later that morning we gathered up the dogs and all went down to the Farmer's Market, the first of the season.
I am one seriously white woman.
 It was absolutely lovely to be able to walk through friendly crowds again, in the warm sunshine (Lara and I wore dresses: we had fleeces on over those dresses, but we did wear them!), admiring pretty wares and sampling delicious goods.  Isis was beside herself with joy- I hadn't realized how much she'd missed the weekly outing to her adoring public.

Afterwards we came home and Lara and I baked a paleo carrot cake, then left it to cool while we went to the Source to go climbing.  We came home and had a delicious dinner  (Nathan smoked a tri-tip that Chris and Lara brought down), then frosted and ate the cake to celebrate our four-way birthday month.

Now it's evening and we're just taking pleasure in each other's company, looking forward to another good day tomorrow.

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