The Good Parts

Someone is stirring-

No, not someone.  Some pig.  Isis needs to go to the bathroom, and I need to take her.

I pull on my puffy coat, clip her into her head harness, and we stumble down the stairs and out the front door of my sister-in-law's house.  The sun is starting to come up, which is nice, and Isis seems as eager to be done with things as I am to have her be done with them, which is even nicer.  Soon the two of us are back indoors, snuggled up with Nathan in our borrowed bed, warm and cozy and content as can be.

But now someone else is stirring.  I hear the distinct noise that is Toddler-Cooing-in-the-Morning, so I creep down the hallway and peer into his room- yep, he's definitely awake and up for company.  I grab him and a bottle, and we go back to my room where we can get in some serious bed-snuggling.

Both Isis and Nathan wake a little at our arrival, giving warm sleepy greetings before inviting us to cuddle down once more.  For a moment I look at the three of them, bathed in early morning light, warm and happy, and I think to myself how sweet it is to be able to enjoy these sorts of moments, and yet not have to get up in the middle of the night to change any diapers.


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