I was out for my afternoon walk today, tracing my well-worn path, when I happened to glance at a house that I pass on a regular basis.  What caught my eye was not the For Sale sign in the yard (I noticed that later) but the new ornamental stones they'd put out in the yard.
Nicely played, sellers.  Nicely played.


  1. What is unfortunate is that they perhaps did this to facilitate the sale? Why do I say unfortunate? How often do we do things like this to perk something up when we are selling it or passing it on to someone else. Why don't we do these things for ourselves? Why not do it because "we" would enjoy it? Why not allow ourselves some extra beauty in our lives?
    Anonymous Mom <3

    1. Agreed. That's one of the problems with viewing your primary residence as a financial investment rather than a personal investment, a "home", if you will. When we make changes to Timaru we don't worry so much about what it does to "the value of the house", because the true value of the house is us living there.