The Taste of Love

It has not been the best of times in the O household, lately.  Nathan's been suffering from a variety of afflictions and I... I have been dealing with my old frenemy, Depression, and all it's accompanying quirks.  The result of this particular melange of unhappiness has been a certain amount of Unhealthy Eating for everyone.  Because not caring about anything includes not caring about taking proper care of your body.

Fortunately for the both of us, things started to turn around for me last night, which led to me actually talking to my husband, which in turn led to things turning even more towards Better.  Nathan is very very good at giving me what I need, if I can only bring myself to let him know that I need it.  Or not even "it" in specific- most times it's enough just for him to know that I need help- he can generally figure the rest out on his own.

So tonight, when I got home from the gym, I was determined to make us a dinner that would nourish our bodies instead of just filling our bellies.  And my husband, who was determined that I not feel alone in the world, stepped into the kitchen to help.  Between the two of us, we turned out a fragrant dish of apples, shallots, and pork chops in less than half a hour.
Sweet and Savory
Cooking all of your meals from (healthy) scratch is an enormous pain in the ass.  Unless, of course, you're doing it together, in which case it's a fun bonding activity.  For me, anyway.  I feel very loved and cared for when Nathan chops and I cook (or I chop and he cooks).  We're a team, doing something for us.  The fact that we get to eat a delicious meal at the end of it is almost a bonus...


  1. Yes, "together" adds spice and flavor to life in general. ;-)
    Anonymous Mom

  2. this sounds extremely familiar, and that's comforting :) cooking together is definitely part of what brought my duo together. hard to remember when everything else gets in the way at times.