Happy Accident

It was raining again today (not super shocking in the PNW, although you wouldn't know it from the freakish winter we've been having), and one of the nice things about rain is how absolutely lovely it makes everything, both before, during, and after.  Light, especially, seems to do well with a good rain bath.

'Round about sunset, maybe an hour after the rain had stopped, I was walking towards the rock gym and admiring the gorgeous play of pale gold and paler blue in the sky above me.  Although I'd already taken "today's photo", I whipped out my phone in an attempt to capture the clouds.  And by whipped out, I mean fumbled around with it because I was wearing gloves and waiting to cross at the crosswalk.  To my frustration, however, through the screen the whole scene appeared so blown out I couldn't see any color at all.  I'd have tried again, but in that moment the cross light turned green, so I tucked my phone away and chalked it up to, "You can't get good sunrise/set shots with your phone."

As it turns out, somewhere in my fumbling I must have hit a setting, because the reason I didn't capture any color was because I'd taken a black and white photo.  Which I discovered when I finally looked at it, three hours later.

And damned if I didn't like it just exactly the way it was.

Unprocessed, for a change.

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