Adventures in Futility

I recently joined a group devoted to, well, "Lazy People Who Occasionally Declutter Things".  Every day a decluttering tip is posted, and you can follow it, or not.  And we swap tips and before/after photos and are generally very supportive and awesome.  I'd gotten a bit behind on the whole "decluttering" part of it, so today I did a bit of catch-up, including "the left side of the sink".

Well I got it all decluttered and cleaned (I even wiped down the walls), and then walked away... and when I came back, what should I find but dirty kitty pawprints all over my nice clean counter!  Plus the maughty kitty who made them!

I just had to laugh because really... owning animals is like accepting you will never again have a truly clean house.  (At least, if you want to retain your sanity you ought to be accepting that...)

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