Snow Balls

We have a Christmas tree at the office, and today I took some time to add to the decorations that my boss had already put up over the weekend.
It's always weird to me when I see Christmas trees that are very... cohesive.  You know, thematic, or what have you.  Christmas trees that involve a lot of glass balls or other matched ornaments.  That is not the sort of Christmas tree I grew up with.  Our tree was much more... chaotic.  And definitely not even remotely match-y or color-themed or crafted to any specific aesthetic.  Our Christmas tree would never have looked right in a department store display window.

But what our tree had, was character.  A story to every ornament.  A memory for every glint, glimmer, or dull gleam.  A precedent for which bauble went where.  And that's why Nathan and I have such a very small tree (although at 3ft it's an upgrade from the tree we had when we were first married): we don't have enough ornaments built up yet to cover a large tree, and I refuse to buy ornaments "just because".

So now you know a bit about my Christmas tree, which is beautiful not because of how it looks, but because of what it is.

Now have the cool, inversed image of balls, because I like it:
so shiny!

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