Seeking Shelter

This is Heart Attack Squirrel:
Pleased to Meet You
I call him that for his habit of scaring the ever loving jeebers out of me on a semi-regular basis.  Please note how close I am to him.  That is because Heart Attack Squirrel knows no fear, beyond the fear he strikes in the hearts of those unwary fools who venture too close to the recycle bins when he's in a "popping out from nowhere" sort of mood.

After near-on four years in this office I am used to his shenanigans, but it was only today that I learned perhaps why he is so insistent with his scratching on the front door.  It turns out that one of the people who worked in the office before me had a habit of leaving the door open, to get fresh air, and the result of that was that squirrels made their nest in the shred box, which I find unbelievably hilarious and wish I'd been around for.  This revelation led me to the obvious conclusion that Heart Attack Squirrel must have been born in said shred box, and now all he wants is to get back to the place he belongs.

Poor little terrorist.

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  1. She is like a salmon and is trying to get upstream in order to spawn where she was once spawned.
    Anonymous Mom